Freelance - Aviation Trainer

--Inspire Management Training Center--

Aviation Trainers play a crucial role in shaping the skills and knowledge of individuals aspiring to work in the aviation industry. This job description covers various training specializations, including IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods), Passenger Ground Service, Cabin Crew, and Travel and Tourism. Aviation Trainers are responsible for delivering high-quality, comprehensive training programs to ensure that trainees are well-prepared for their respective roles within the aviation sector.


Curriculum Development:

  • Develop and update training materials and curriculum for the assigned specialization (IMDG, Passenger Ground Service, Cabin Crew, Travel and Tourism).

  • Ensure that training content complies with industry regulations, standards, and best practices.

Classroom Instruction:

  • Conduct engaging and informative classroom training sessions for individuals pursuing careers in the aviation industry.

  • Use a variety of teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and maintain high levels of trainee engagement.

Practical Training:

  • Organize and oversee practical, hands-on training sessions to provide trainees with real-world experiences related to their specialization.

  • Utilize simulation tools and equipment to enhance practical learning.

Assessment and Feedback:

  • Develop and administer assessments to evaluate trainee understanding and proficiency.

  • Provide constructive feedback to help trainees improve their performance.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Stay updated on industry regulations, guidelines, and safety standards relevant to the assigned specialization.

  • Ensure that training programs align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Individualized Training Plans:

  • Identify individual trainee strengths and areas for improvement, and tailor training plans accordingly.

  • Provide additional support or resources as needed to address individual learning needs.


  • Collaborate with other trainers and aviation professionals to share best practices and enhance the overall training program.

  • Foster a positive and collaborative learning environment.

Professional Development:

  • Stay abreast of industry trends, technological advancements, and updates in the field of aviation.

  • Continuously enhance personal and professional skills to deliver high-quality training.

Record Keeping:

  • Maintain accurate records of trainee progress, attendance, and assessment results.

  • Generate reports on training program effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement.



  • Bachelor's degree in Aviation, Education, or a related field.

  • Relevant certifications or licenses in the specific aviation specialization (e.g., IMDG, Cabin Crew, etc.).

  • Previous experience in aviation training is highly desirable.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

  • Ability to adapt teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles.

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Educational / Employment Certifications.